This tumblr is for anything that is of my interest. Tajana, Twenty-One. Reside in Chicago from Sarajevo (Ilidža), Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have a lovely cat Klara. Rest in peace Kaleb 5/14/13. Both my older sister and I are vegetarians. I'm a vegan when it comes to clothes and beauty supply, etc. I am slowly but surely making my transition to being a vegan. Against Animal Cruelty. Singing. Books. Music. Sports. Nature. Dancing. Martial Arts. Kpop. History. Animals.

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How cute does Mark Twain reading in bed looks?

Anthony Gastelier

St Paul’s Cathedral - London - England (von Eric Hossinger)
"Magic is what you make of it. It can be dangerous and deadly or it can be mystical and beautiful. It’s up to you."
Wendy Baeuchamp, Witches of East End (via lavenderwrath)

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Blenheim Palace and Formal Gardens by docoverachiever on Flickr.

Cottage in Longparish Road, Wherwell (by Anguskirk)

by sweet-bread: Daydreaming

untitled by eros turannos on Flickr.

A Song Of Ice and Fire

untitled by ` ppimm ` on Flickr.

blue jars by -barbara carroll- #flickstackr